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Post Subject: At issuePosted by Amphissa on: 7/8/2010

The "age of consent" in Thailand is 15 for both boys and girls. However, the penal code in Thailand specifically outlaws sex between adults and children under the age of 18.

In other words, at age 15, boys and girls can legally have sex with other teens. However, they cannot have sex with adults until they reach age 18.

By definition, any sexual act between an adult and a teen under the age of 18 is "rape". This is just like the American "statutory rape" laws. And a mother has the right to report to authorities any sex between her child and an adult. Rape, as defined by these laws, does not require physical coercion and abusive, brutal attack. Even consensual sex between an adult and a teen below age 18 is, by law, rape in Thailand.

It does not matter whether anyone here believe pedophilia is "okay". It does not matter whether it occurs a lot. It is illegal in Thailand. I think the mother and child must prove that Pletnev did have sex with the boy. If they cannot prove it, he goes free. If they have evidence, I believe Pletnev will offer them a lot of money to withdraw the complaint. If he gives them a lot of money, he goes free.

So, I do not think Pletnev will go to jail. He definitely does not want too be in a prison in Thailand.

This means we will continue to have lots of very bad music from Mr. Pletnev for many years to come.


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