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Post Subject: In defense of Mikhail PletnevPosted by Romy the Cat on: 7/8/2010

As many know, Mikhail Pletnev, Russian prominent pianist and conductor, charged in Thailand for rape of 14 years old boy.

Over the last few days all musical forums are filled with chewing over this fact but I feel a strange need to defend Pletnev.

First of all I am not a big fan of Pletnev and never admired him as neither pianist nor conductor – so I have nothing personally wasted. But I also do not remember Pletnev being as some kind of activist in anti-pedophilia movement.  So, now he got caught with a tanager boy and the whole word stuck on the face a mask of ignorant hypocrisy and blame Pletnev in whatever is comfortable for them to blame them. Whatever Pletnev did he did for himself. He did not advertise this pedophilia part of like and he did it at the jurisdiction where pedophilia is almost a part of national identity.  In some countries boys and girls in 12 year old and married and have kids (India for instance), so Pletnev slept with 14 years old teenager. Are you envy? Get over it. Some American corporate executives received in 90s bonuses to visit the underage whore-houses in Thailand. It never considered as “wrong”. Great Horowitz had a long chain of boys from Juilliard School of Music hat was brough to him to have sex - it was also considered as “normal”. The idiot-moms who absolutely voluntary put their babes in the bed with Michael Jackson were “normal” but Jackson was considered as “rapist” and child molester. BTW, I do not patricianly believe in the “rape” accusation in the Pletnev case – those people do not “rape” but their agents bring them whoever and whatever they want. Who it is different from anything else?

The point is that Pletnev no better or worse than any of us – he had his issues and he dealt with them. I do not treat the VIP people in the way how idiots-Americans treat their sports stats. And I would not buy pork of apples in store only if I see Pletnev face on the apple box packages....

From what I heard in the news – that Pletnev was caught somewhere for having sex with somebody that he not supposed to … this had absolutely no effect or impact of any kind for my judgment about Pletnev. It is like the “West Wing” creator was caught in Japans with Marihuana in his bag – who cares!

I would not voice my position if lately there were no tones of dirt damped on Pletnev because his Thailand adventure.  I find it ridicules that  the Morons so willing to put themselves in judgmental position as it is their business. Glen Gould half of his life slept with a married women and great Dimitri Mitropoulos was fucking any teenager boy he was able to get. So, what? Shall be open another chapter of idiotic puritan prosecutions and will grand our musical preference in accordance to musican's sexual behavior? What an idiocy!

I do not know how about you but the news from Thailand about Pletnev made me to re-listen the Pletnev’s transcription from the Tchaikovsky ballets…

He is not Martha Argerich at her prime with her Nutcracker but the Pletnev’s ballets are still very good…. That is ALL what counts….

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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