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Post Subject: The missed opportunity. Did you mean Bread & Circus?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/2/2010

 Stitch wrote:

I think, we should change our view for High End.We (the customers, those who pay the bill) are always mad or frustrated about reviewers (Astor, Valin, and son on..) and this discussion was endless, is endless and won't change in future.
When we change our view to ourselves, I think, we don't deserve it any better (exception me, because I am one of the good guys), we want to read that. I don't think, the customer wants to read real information how bad the unit is he bought just a few weeks ago ("..I got a good price...")
All changed for entertainment and a writer has the most power, because he is in the first row to the manufacturer. The manufacturer needs him for the readers, he needs the manufacturer to write and to get paid for it. When he stays on the consumer side, what would happen?Would they say " thank you, that you wrote that this cartridge is so awful..". Hardly. Consumers can be a real pain. They want all, know nothing and want a good price for it.
It is like in the old Rome: "Bred & Games"


Sure, we can convert this thread into another bitching about reviewers but it was not my objective. My objective was to express a frustration about one more missed opportunity that Srajan facilitated. His observation about Grande Castine was the observation about nothing. Srajan converted the subject of audio into “America's Got Talent” TV shows where retardation and compliance with movie “Idiocracy” become a virtue.

What we learn about new Grande Castine? That the people who do it live where good wine is made, that some of them have a wife who love big speakers and that Srajan Ebayn, most likely with his wife made a whole-paid off trip in there. Oh, year, we learned that Srajan made many remarks about audio so uninformed that he clearly demonstrated that he shall not be in a position of public speaking.

Well, Srajan of cause is not the true subject. The true subject is the new Grande Castine and their new LF section. What was told about them? Absolutely nothing valuable! Did you get any impression about sonic capacity of the Grande Castine? Oh, yes! Srajan felt that they were better then ….. Avantgarde Duo! What a fucking revelation!

My point is that in today audio manufactures do not have voice, unfortunately. If they try to develop own manufactures voice then the voice get substituted by sales force voice (BAT, Magico). There is absolutely nothing wrong with an independent person visit a manufactures and post his observations. Srajan went to France to see the Grande Castine makers. The makers took him fishing for 3 days. Srajan honestly described what kind fish he caught and what the temperature of water in that French lake was. The Sound interests and sonic capacity of the Grande Castine went very far outside of the Srajan viewfinder…. From my perspective it is very unfortunate.

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