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Post Subject: Srajan vs. EbaenPosted by Romy the Cat on: 7/1/2010

 Marc HENRY wrote:
I all,Perhaps there is someone here who can visit us in Cognac, to verify if Srajan Ebaen is right or not ?every music lover is welcome :-)Regards,Marco ---

Marco, it is good that you invite people but I do not think that to “verify Srajan Ebaen” is a noble task for anyone. Srajan’s travel and his audio advantage are well known in Europe and very many audio manufactures from Europe reports who he is and what he is after. Even this week I receive two emails (completely not solicited) from a small European manufactures who informed me what Srajan was after and how they sorry that they got involved. I personally feel that their “sorry” excuse is a lie as the Morons do read the Srajan’s pornography and as result help them to sell their products. However, here is where the difference between you and me lies. You do have publicity and exposure interest as you consider a commercial venture in audio. I do not and therefore the Srajan’s efforts of exposure and marketing are completely irrelevant to me.

Now, take a look what happen. You are manufacture who made a new revision of your speaker. You expose this speaker to a marketing clerk with anticipation that it will be a quality observation of your work. What you get instead besides the Larry King level journalism and Larry Flint level illustrations? In a way the situation not different with many today musical reviews. Read my comment below:

Anyhow, as in many other case in my cases I would omit the at this point the commentaries about your speakers but juts note the very primitive level of Srajan to talk an about your speaker and about audio generally. Partially I understand Srajan – he writes for idiots and he writes at a level to be understood. Does it mean that Srajan journalism shall not be called idiotic?

The Cat

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