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Post Subject: Screws are BACK againPosted by unicon on: 6/22/2010
 Romy the Cat wrote:

when you lose the 6 screws on same driver equally and sound changes then what exactly you feel is changing in sound. I do not mind you reporting that sound change but I still not at ease that you associate the change with phase. I do not think it has anything to do with phase and therefore I ask what subjectively you fell is changing while you change force on the screws. It would be very simple to confirm if the changes you report have anything to do with phase – just run impulse test with loops and tight screw and you will see if the phase was affected. I do think that you deal not with phase but with damping and resonances….

The Cat

took me ages yet I have some reasons for it but
as you said last night I was in matter of doing this test comparing impulse of loose and tightened screws ...
first pic is with tight screw and the other is with well loosed( my method ), : which indicates big change ...
tight screw1.jpg

this one with well loosed screws:
screw fixed.jpg
(both converted to min phase for better conclusion)

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