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Post Subject: The EventPosted by gormee on: 6/22/2010

My experience is similar to Zako. I regularly attend Classical Concerts at the same venue and deliberately purchase tickets in different seating positions. Sitting high up in the auditorium I cannot localise instruments. If I close my eyes the whole music hangs in the air. It comes together in a small sphere the size of a small ball. The best piano I have ever heard was when I was sitting front on. I could not see the player and was in line with the bass in the orchestra. I was hit with a wall of sound. The harmonics were amazing.

At home I listen to ABC classical but my reception is not great so I press the mono button on my tuner. I will readily admit that my system is not mature enough to get decent stereo. However, increasingly I began to like the presentation of listening to one speaker. It began to annoy me when listening to stereo. I just don't get the illusion my system is portraying. As I see my hi if system as listening to an event I think I should be able to use my system to give me the presentation which appeals to me. Because of the inherent problems of summing the right and left channels of stereo I decided to simply place my speakers together. No soundstage or imaging but I am finding the presentation of the music more involving. Even when playing my CD and vinyl stereo the mono like presentation is more pleasing to me. 

I am going to a violin concerto on Saturday night and I know from experience that there will be many spectators at the same concert experiencing a very different event to me. 

The ultimate purpose of audio for me is to try and use the equipment to present music the way I would like to hear it. This site more than any has given me an insight into how to do this although I must admit I still feel that I have a lot to learn.



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