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Post Subject: Trial by QuotationPosted by Paul S on: 6/1/2010
We see it off and on here: the "mysterious" stalkers, the occasional suicide bomber, and the merely hapless, any of whom might be either an acolyte or a defender of a certain brand, time period or practice in which the advocate has fully invested himself.  Almost invariably for this person, the principal connection, access and expression to and about his worshipped system, component or brand is via gift-wrapped proclaimations of others that are somehow deemed to be apriori determinations of worth.  If we were to follow these strange visitors home, we might find ourselves in a place that is literally composed of by and for the worship of the pre-packaged ideas that fly from the mouths of these people whenever they intend to speak of their gear.  I have seen for myself when they come here and they mean to say something "controversial" about hi-fi or sound and then defend their statements from "attack".  They literally cannot come up with anything to say apart from repeating the pre-digested items, or they hold up portraits of the spokespersons or idols of their movement.

My theory is that they are possessed.

As for "The Best", my own long-held view is that to get the best sound you must at least start with what is "Good Enough".  Though it might be hard to say what is best at any given time, in any given situation, Shite generally begets Shite.

We seem to be building our own agreement about refining personal objectives and using taste and common sense to make one's way rather than subscribing to marketing hype or naked statistics, and I am OK with being a part of this "movement".  I have seen shadowy versions of these notions in the magazines recently; but I haven't read closely enough yet to see how they will spin it into a marketing strategy. My best guess at this point would be to package the same old shit - or worse - in a "new and improved" wrapper.  After all, this strategy has worked for a long, long time...

Paul S

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