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Post Subject: Blabbering is the life of an AudiophilePosted by Stitch on: 5/29/2010
 Amir wrote:
 audio is a hobby for many audiophiles and it is not a serious object to them, relation of audio with that 99.5% is like relation of a baby with his toy. all play the game but they do not think about the result as that 0.5 think.
Well, I think, this is wrong.

Most audiophiles say, it is not important, it is only a hobby, but they lie. It is a religion for them. When you write negative about one of their units, you will know very fast what I mean.

All of them look for a place in the invisible Forum Pyramide of „Respect“.

What you can say, is, most of them are deaf morons who would not find a good sounding unit, even when they would save their life with finding it (and it is in front of them).

A real Audiophile spends the day with blabbering.

Sometimes I think, talking with a tree is more successful than talking with an Audiophile. And the worst from them are those who write in Magazines.

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