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Post Subject: There is no need to say anything if there is nothing to say.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/28/2010

Talking with a different audio people and familiarizing myself with what they do I have been observing a well-recognized pattern. The majority of audio people of course are the wasted hostages of adulthood boredom. Still there is a very small layer of audio enthusiasts, probably no more than 0.5%, who are trying to pursuit a sensible reasoning of own audio actions. Those people operate by speakers, amplifiers, cable and the 99.5% of the rest audio Morons think that they are their “audio colleges”, however in really it is very far from truth. Thos people arrange own “authored” playbacks, the playbacks that have expression of own personally and the playbacks that address and express own sonic objectives. This is very far from just building high-fidelity that mostly misunderstood in audio anyhow. This notion of the audio personalization became somehow “popular” recently, primary by the efforts of the sites like mine. Also, the industry whorish shepherds in their desire to develop new and new sale techniques read the sites like mine and try to wax similar poetry promoting the new crap that they were given to sale. Anyhow, let leave the gaining popularity of that “alternative sale” alone – it really does not matter to me how “the whores sale crap to the Morons” -  the phrase that might be the industry slogan. Let to look at that 0.5% of audio folks who do try making sensible efforts in sound reproduction.

For instance, we have a person who setup a playback that reflects his or her very specific sonic objectives and very specific points of expressionism. What does it mean? Does it mean the person’s playback is able to handle higher forms of musicality? Not necessary. If playback is a reflection of intention and objectives then the main question is: how noble and how refined those intentions are. This is dangers territory where people prefer do not go but I do, in facts I feel very comfortable in this territory. I insist that a great proportion of audio enthusiast (still among those 0.5%, the rest are just an irrelevant waste) failed with this playbacks at the level of uninvolved, banal and under developed objectives.   Did you see those young pianists that superbly render notes but their sound never become meaningful music? In their case the low expressivity of this musical phraseology is a direct reflection of their insufficient personal development. They are too “small” to play some music; they can handle the time-amplitude evidence of sound but they are no able to feel sound with subconscious subliminal sensations. There is nothing wrong with it. Those musicians might be wonderful people but they are limited in greatness of musical expressivity.

There is an absolutely the same situation in audio among those 0.5%. The people might have well-formed sonic objective, and they might have skills and means to renders those objective into audio solution but the very question would be – how elevated those sonic objective are? Unfortunately many, very many audio people (against the best part of them, the 0.5%) have sonic ideas very primitive. The primitivism of their audio sinking is very well might be recognize from what people say and in most cases it is not necessary to hear this playback. You would never believe how frequently I make an assumption how a person’ playback might sound by not looking at the person equipment but by listening/reading what a person intend to say. You would be shocked how accurate my predictions are. Particularly if to know the specific gear involved that it is possible to make very-very accurate assumption.

The point of this that we do not escape from ourselves – we are what we are and our actions in audio are juts reflections of it. If you look at an exposition of a painter or read a novel then we can make a very accurate estimate what was in a head of the artist. With playbacks the situation is absolutely identical. There is no need to write a book if there is nothing to say. There is no need compose a symphony if you have nothing express. There is no need to paint, dance, sing, engineer or to do anything creatively if behind you creativity there is no underlying realization of reason, purpose or expressively of you own thought or feeling. There is no needs to build a playback of you have nothing to express by the sound of this playback, at least if you have nothing to say to yourself…

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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