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Post Subject: Potential contenders?Posted by oxric on: 5/20/2010

30cm Subwoofer

Type Number: 30W/4558-00
• Fiberglass/Paper Sandwich cone, black coated
• Fs 19,5 Hz
• SPL 90,5dB @ 2,83V / 1m
• 56 mm peak excursion – hereof 25mm linear
• Aluminum Short Circuiting Ring and the

Aluminum Spacer on the pole piece to reduce distortion and power compression.

• Aluminium Voice coil former
• Vented cone / dustcap
• Nomex spider
• Low damping rubber surround
• Litze wire woven into the spider

Specs: Electrical Data Power Handling Nominal impedance Zn 100h RMS noice test (IEC) Minimum impedance Zmin Long-term Max Power (IEC18.3) Maximum impedance Zo Max linear SPL (rms) @ power DC resistance Short-term Max Power (IEC18.2) Voice coil inductance mH Voice Coil and Magnet Parametres Voice coil diameter Resonance Frequency fs Voice coil height Mechanical Q factor Qms Voice coil layers Electrical Q factor Qes Height of gap Qts Linear excursion +/- Tm Max mech. Excursion +/- Mechanical resistance Rms Flux density of gap mWb Moving mass Mms Total useful flux mWb Suspension compliance Cms Diameter of magnet Effective cone diameter Height of magnet Effective piston area Sd Weight of magnet Equivalent volume Vas ltrs Unit net weight Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) Ratio fs/Qts IEC Specs refer to IEC 60268,5 third sdition. All Scan Speak products are RoHS compliant

Well Romy:

If you wanted to stick to some known quantities, you might do well to look at these soon to be released drivers from Scan Speak which seem fairly promising, and might work quite well. They are rather inexpensive according to their indicative prices and so may not be such an expensive experiment. The excursion of 58mm is rather good, they are current production and you could easily add more as you feel necessary.


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