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Post Subject: LF EQ: an interesting observation.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/15/2010

An interesting observation about the Velodyne SMS, thanks, Jessie.

There are a number of similar units out there. The Velodyne specification is very fine:

I did not use those units and I do not know how they perform. It is obvious that with drop of frequency the negative impact of DSP will be minimized. How much minimized – that is the question.

There are a number review of the Velodyne and the similar units, I did not read them but I do not think they will be talking about what I would like to know.  Jessie’s transient comparing of the unit in and out bypass I think is not convincing as well.   Still, this area very much worth to explore.  Jessie, or anybody who use the similar units, can you do some specific tests for me? Also, did anybody has a circuit of output stages of those units?

The Cat

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