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Post Subject: On the Shoulders of Giants*Posted by Paul S on: 5/15/2010
The thing is, other people have been here before, and between them they have already gotten results that would take most of us at least a few steps closer to verisimilitude.
Sorry to be such a whore, but it just seems reasonable to make use of readily available technology, if and when it works.  I have not used DSP, at all, and I have to say I have not liked what I have heard of it.  But then, I could say the same about SET, or horns, for that matter.  At the least, DSP is probably the easiest way to determine the operating parameters for the (U)LF, for future "real time" bias, should that ever be desired.

As for writing (U)LF bias curves, Danley recommends starting at 15 Hz with his TH50 sub, so, obviously, there has to be some way to match the inductor against the impedance.  I would bet nuts that Danley includes digi-curves in the self-powered versions, so as not to stifle the amp, if nothing else.

I would agree that pro audio is generally no good for hi-fi.  Ironically, most pros snicker at home hi-fi as weak-ass, watered down dross, compared to live music; and I have to say I agree with them on this score, too.

Best regards,
Paul S

* with apologies to Anselm of Bec, and also Thomas K. Merton, who penned a truly hilarious book on scholarship that goes by the same title.

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