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Post Subject: Bass EQ ?Posted by unicon on: 5/15/2010
 el`Ol wrote:
And what about the brute force method (room correction for the bass arrays)?

el 0l if you could understand the basics about how audio waves especially bass range acts in closed space you wouldnt even bring the name Bass EQ

it just cures the sound pressure in a single spot(listener) and possibly can not do anything about ring of bass, and what we even hear is the constant  of Frequency over time which in playback audio describes as Q (quality factor) the most importance and usually  the most ignored aspect of room audio by DIGI EQ makers ...

good to hear a breif note on audyssey website :
("Does MultEQ eliminate the need for acoustic treatment?"
No. Although MultEQ will improve sound significantly in untreated rooms, a properly treated room calibrated with MultEQ can achieve stunning results throughout the listening area. ")

I'm not ignoring the benefits we may get from it but
actually A well treated room does not need any EQ

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