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Post Subject: It migh be more complicated.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/15/2010
 unicon wrote:
Since you added a new parameter  in audio play back called : Decor  I'm afraid, it may make it far too hard.

I agree but it I do not think that it would change my mind. Perhaps “décor” is not right word however; it is not “décor” by rather a desire to do not visually observe audio methods in the room that I do not what to see.
 unicon wrote:
I am afraid you are in wrong shape of set up in first place
For instance from pictures you putted in site I guess you may get better response if you put your everything and LF in back of room and faced toward windows can for sure can give you better image on MB LF section ,because the closed windows can act as acoustic low pass filter.

It might be but it absolutely violate the way how I intend to use this room and the whole house.
 unicon wrote:
using the limp mass acoustic and how much you need to change your Decor is all dependence based on how you can get results with no treatment helps.

I will try the limp-mass membranes after and if I isolate a singular problem as I would like the limp panes to do just limp action and do not work wide-band.
 unicon wrote:
and tuga is dead right about trying symmetry in room

I do not like the idea purely from the standpoint of esthetic.

 el`Ol wrote:
And what about the brute force method (room correction for the bass arrays)?
Actually I am considering something like this but with “change”.  First of all I concluded that my bass arrays do not work well in this room.  The arrays were fine when I drove them relatively high. Now I need to get from them lower bass and in this room it looks like I need more compact ULF transducer source. So, what I would like is to have the midbass to cover as wide tonal diapason as possible, and they to kick in the lower bass section. In this configuration I might to use digital correction of open-end analog notching but only on lower bass channel. I do not know how auditable the brute force methods will be but if lower bass will care more pressure region and less tonal region then I might get away with it. I do not know, it is only speculation – I need a Midbass channel with which the playback sounds self-contained and complete. To do it over the 63Hz might be complicated.

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