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Post Subject: Décor maybe fake for playbackPosted by unicon on: 5/15/2010
oi Romy ,

Since you added a new parameter  in audio play back called : Decor  I'm afraid, it may make it far too hard.
anyhow can I see 360 degree view of your room (video) ? 

I am afraid you are in wrong shape of set up in first place
For instance from pictures you putted in site I guess you may get better response if you put your everything and LF in back of room and faced toward windows can for sure can give you better image on MB LF section ,because the closed windows can act as acoustic low pass filter.
And another thing about timing to consider is distances from your ULF bass and hf section (more than 2ms distance) which may rises a phase problems if not well configured(your LF section may have some 100hz and above resonances which may make it for our ears localized)

I will try to be help more when you can give  some value information to start work with:
1-20hz to 4k response measured in different positions and what I suggested above.
2-your room Q (RT60)
3-waterfall in below 100hz  region in different positions and what I suggested above.

using the limp mass acoustic and how much you need to change your Decor is all dependence based on how you can get results with no treatment helps.

and tuga is dead right about trying symmetry in room


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