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Post Subject: Altec 19 in my home.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/28/2010

OK, I have the Altec 19 delivered in my second un-useful living room. I plan to do nothing with them now and will play with them sometime on winter or if somebody will come with pre-payment. Altec 19 has one (ONLY ONE) sonic positive quality (besides look) that I will try to capitalize upon, of course making the speakers to sound very different then what it does but with desire to keep that the only one sonic positive quality unaffected.

Meanwhile it gives me a pleasure to see the audio bottom-eaters from Altec-subordinated forum to get pissed that I touched Altec 19, the speaker that the Midwest white trash esteem as the best invention after compass, gun powder, Gutenberg pres and projectile vomiting…

I remember 8 years back I was “banned” from that forum when I was trying to teach those idiots about the true sound of the Altec 19. Instead of the learning the Morons begin to ridicule me and to propose that I am deaf and ignorant. Then I banned that primitive community from my participation and the herded Altec’s dirt had nothing else to do then to demonstrate to each other who licks Altec horns with mode diligences… 

A Moron From Ohio Wrote:

“Fact is.....the 19 IS a fantastic loudspeaker system. I know it. You guys know it. He is in the very small minority that thinks otherwise......or does he really? See, I have a theory. I think that maybe the "cat" deep down inside is much impressed by the 19's sonic attributes and capabilities.....yet won't dare admit it. It is fashionable among "audio-intellectuals" dis that which is extremely popular and for good reason....and I stress: FOR GOOD REASON.”

No way....can someone like the "cat" admit that such a grand system could at one time be purchased by the to speak and they need not be engineers to own such equipment. In his little world, in order for a system to be good....or great must be esoteric. (in other words.....weird).

I mean...."The Cat"...thinks he could even begin to second guess a multitude of Altec engineers? Not to mention the high praise given the system through various audio publications throughout the years?”

Hate those idiotic people!
Romy the Cat

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