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Post Subject: A death of MiniMe as I planned?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/22/2010

I was strategizing how will be putting my audio crap in my new listening room. The room is being remodeled now and here is an interesting subject. The room has 4 wall-installed loudspeakers mounted on the cathedral ceiling.


They are 6” in infinite baffle configuration.  I am planning do not remove them and perhaps to use them as some sort of MiniMe substitute.  I did connect them and they do surprisingly fine.  I would say that they do fine with NPR news and they less suitable for Music. Still, can such speaker in such position to be used for anything.  This week I still have a full control over the room walls and then it will be re-finished. I can even mount a 18 driver into the wall in infinite baffle configuration, of course not for Macondo but for MiniMe’s needs…

Anyhow, I am still thinking how hard I will use those ceiling mounted speakers. They do produce a very freaky sound. I think partially it is because the drivers might be not in phase. I have no time to investigate all of this now but I will keep the ceiling-speakers on the ceiling for how and will see how it goes.

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