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Post Subject: 3 channels DSET aka "Triamp"Posted by twogoodears on: 3/3/2010
Hi Roman... you know "... but Twogoodears normally prefer a do not go to depth..." it's not an hide & seek kind-of-thing, but a necessity;-), as I'm not technical inclined or taught enough to discuss in depth of circuits designing... I'm only a user:

I was very impressed and got some ispiration from the following post of yours...
and also from personal speculations and recent field experiences...

The "Triamp" name is only a nickname... it's - of course - a 2 x mono/three channels DSET with TVCs and line-level electronic 1st order filters - still at the VERY beginning... Thomas is drawing and designing it from scratch and... yes: you're absolutely right!

Also in my (very) limited experience, I fully and sadly understand the almost endless inserting-possibilities of line-level x-overing in a given circuit... yet, as you correctly pointed out, the results - at least in theory for me, also if I gladly read you confirm as a satisfied Melquiades' user - appears more predictable than at speakers-level.

Something also Dave Slagle and J.W. Jackson quite often say...

I'm pretty interested in yr. opinion about the possible choice of best, safest, smoothest way to use solid-state amp/low-end with "Triamp"... ok... 3-channells DSETs... and my system upper ways... what slope do you think the most "musical", at 200 hz? Steep or smooth? Better mounting a low-pass in Triamp or simply a properly calculated and sized cap, 1st order, at woofer?

Thanks for any support and hint.

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