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Post Subject: Nikolaj Znaider's play and soundPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/13/2010

I turned radio today and it was Cathy Fuller’s interesting interview with violinist Nikolaj Znaider and live performance of Kreisler’s Liebesleid. As uselessly WGBH does everything through the ass nowadays - no pre-announcement, not scheduling not informing of public that a musical of Mr.  Znaider level would be playing live on air. Amassing disrespect to listeners and to musician!

The Kreisler’s Liebesleid was so much fun that decided to look for Nikolaj Znaider recordings. Mr. Znaider plays no other instilment then Fritz Kreisler’s own Guarnerius del Gesu, so I was looking for tonal nuances thriller….

I found the Brahms & Korngold Violin Concertos with recording of Gergiev and Vienna Philharmonic. That might be very interesting as I like when Gergiev undertake Vienna. Vienna Philharmonic are too good musicals to let Gergiev to go his Gergievisam and the result might be very good. This is live recording that insults the injury and I hope the RCA people did not screw up too much this time….

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