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Post Subject: System detailsPosted by Saturntube on: 12/10/2009
The upper bass horn has a Ceramic driver 18sound 8M400,  the MF horn has an 18sound 2060A Neodymium magnet, tweeter is Beyma Ceramic driver and supertweeter is Fostex Alnico.  The Leak amps are PP deep class A, we do have a couple of Audio Note P4 PSE amps I am not very fond of,  maybe it has to do with the ceramic magnets indeed.  

My upper bass horn has a very specific range which is where I am using it, outside of that range, even if fed the full range, it drops like a brick, minus 10 db,  the response looks like a pair of breasts with slight peaks (1 db) at 250 hz and 500 hz.   I could play around with volume,  mainly lower the volume of the compression driver and tweeters since the upperbass horn is run direct with no Lpad,  but I dont think I will use the F5 in this configuration.

I feel the upper bass is not fully tied in with the MF compression drivers,  I dont feel the instruments are free enough, there seems to be some haze when going down in freq, changing to the 8M400 helped in the upper register but we did loose some bass response against the prior 10" driver.  I hope the SS amps will help with the final details in integration, other wise I will have to change the driver again.  As you probably know adjusting the back chamber of a cone driver in a horn is a bitch, so I am mostly looking at Compression drivers that can go low.
I have quoted the JBL drivers 2490H with ceramic magnets and plan to test them down to 200 hz,  but I have to test the Radian 950 I already have on the big horn (140 hz) first,  that should be interesting.

Funny thing the supertweeters helped with the integration of the upperbass.

We bought the F5 amp to try out as either a tweeter amp, given its extended response, for upperbass as something more refined than the chip amps, or to substitute one of the subwoofer plate amps so we can play around with xover signal in the bass,  say Xover the midbass drivers up to 300 hz.

I will get back to you after some more experiments have been run.


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