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Post Subject: Please, not again!!!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/10/2009

 coops wrote:
Mainly because of my young daughter I have been listening to mostly solid state amps, I have enjoyed 'Digital DoMain's' B1-a VFET, and am now listening to a German 'Audioprojeckte' CA10, 10 watt class A design, ( I will post a link later as their site appears to be down ) , I have  also ordered a pass labs 'First Watt'  J2 which  should be here soon. It is refeshing to hear something new, I would recommend it.

Keith, again this BS?

I created this thread explicitly in horn section because I do not want to see taking about amplifiers, to see uploaded enumeration of links, 3 –word sentences  and certainly I would like do not read anybody’s “recommendations”. I was asking about the thoughts and commentaries about Sound of those amps with compression driver. Keith if you have no own thoughts about Sound or the ways to express those thoughts then can you stay fucking away from my site? Find for yourself another avenue to spread the anesthetized recommendation and numb posts.

The caT

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