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Post Subject: SS Amplification for Compressions drivers? Sound?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/9/2009

Anybody who ever tried SS amp with compressions drivers or the drivers of high-sensitivity that can be driven by minimum current knows how it works. Nelson Pass created with his First Watt project a lot of publicity to the idea. A few watts, in pure class A and in single-ended mode - it might be interesting. I say it “might” because I just do not know – I never had one. I still would like to hear a few watt single-ended VFET SS amp – not one does them…

A few days ago Reinhard from Germany mention another attribute of the same idea: Jean Hiraga’s "Le Monstre".

You can go for the home page of the sites and will see a few other des of low power SS amps.

I do not partially care about the PP amps to drive soft magnets drivers but it might work. Unfortunately I never ever heard the people who use low power SS amplification to talk about Sound. So, if you know about any commentaries about Sound from the folks who use SS single-ended amps that have no feedback and drive with them over 105dB sensitivity then please post the link. Please discard the cases when people drive “yellow” drivers or those moronic full-range drivers.

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