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Post Subject: Other Ways of getting Special Tone from a loudspeaker.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/27/2009

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 Romy the Cat wrote:
 6)      If you do not do anything special with speaker’s tone then your speaker has no tone.

It might sound ridicules to most but to me it is very much encompasses a few year of my audio practice.

It is difficult to talk about audio tone and there are many reasons why. The majority of audio people is not familiar with the notion or has no interest to be familiar.  The small group of audio folks who dos recognize the concept has no ways to assess and collaborate the concept… even within themselves (this is VERY loaded statement). There are other reasons but this is not the main point of my aim.  The main point is that if a person even has interest, objectives and desire to do then thing with tone in loudspeaker then he has practically no framework of tools to do so.

The tone, or if you know what I mean “the Absolute Tone”, in loudspeakers is mostly accidental and exists as a byproduct of loudspeaker other duties. There is hardly ever any special thing done in loudspeaker to navigate it tone to a desirable location.  To a degree we learned and use different techniques to deal with tone in SET application. We “dye” sound with different passive or active elements and use tubes made by different materials. In loudspeaker however we are tone incapable and we inherit whatever tone comes with drivers and enclosure.

Among all loudspeakers that that I have seen/heard I recognize only two acoustic systems made an efforts in the direction. First - is a small community of “yellow drivers” users who practice to soak the cones of their drivers in different mixtures. From what I have seen 99% end up with absolutely horrible results but there are among them some successes. The second – is Macondo’s Injection Channel. The idea turns out to be immensely successful, so successful that I can’t envision a  serious and “offensive” acoustic system without a manageable Tonal Injection. Still, it might be some OTHER WAY to moderate tonal potency of acoustic systems and I would like to dedicate this there for collection of rumors about those other ways.

The Cat

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