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Post Subject: Martinu’s Fantaisies Symphoniques… in Stereo!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/17/2009

The Bohuslav Martinu’s last Symphony No. 6, or as it called "Fantaisies Symphoniques" that I feel is a better name (it does not sound to me as “Symphony”, too playful), is one of those secretive little treasures that no one plays, and it is a shame. I love the peaces a lot.

One might argue which conductor leads Czech Philharmonic with the most interesting interpretation of the celebrated Bohemia composer but in this case I always feel: screw the Czechs!!!  Charles Munch with my town orchestra recorded Fantaisies Symphoniques in 1956 and BSO show off such a play that I for years had no desire to look for anything else.

Recently I was hunting in Japan the Munch’s recording of Menotti concerto with BSO and when I got it came with his Fantaisies Symphoniques. I played it and was stunned – the Japanese got stereo source for my favorite Martinu 6! And I have to say – what kind stereo – the phenomenal sound, as the most of the Japanese mastering!

In stereo BSO plays even more energetically and viciously. The Japanese loose neither tone nor satellites. I did not even know that “my” Martinu was recorded in stereo.  Good discovery! When our idiots begin to make releases like this?

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