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Post Subject: Here is another example …Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/29/2009

 skushino wrote:
Here is a link describing Meyer Sound's design philosophy, production and implementation:

They began production of their own drivers to improve longevity and reliability in the field.  These drivers replace modified Yamaha and JBL drivers in their speakers.  What I found most interesting is the production process.  The plant is located in Berkeley, CA.  Drivers are assembled in small batches.  I think this approach has the potential for better implementation and quality control, compared to the large OEMs.

I never heard the Meyer speakers, but it would be interesting to try these drivers. 

Scott thanks for the link to the Meyer’s article. Here is an example how those always stupid articles on the manufactures sites might be different. We are so accustomed to usually filled with the stupid pomposity and idiotic secrecy manufactures telling about own alleged superiority that a normal talking sounds nowadays as a “novelty”. Here is Meyer normally talks about their means, objectives and ways to go there. Pay attention that they do not do a lot of different things that what other have done and they have omitted in their explanation some very key elements (which they are perfectly entitled to do)  but the whole feeling about the article is very positive. There are certainly moments in the Meyer’s position with which I very much degree with Meyer. Hey however build the MF driver for very different tasks then I would use them, so it is understandable.
There is a review of Jerry Del Colliano in some kind of Home Theater magazine about the X-10

The article in way lame but gives some idea how a “simple person” would react to X-10.

I do not have a lot of interest in X-10, thought I would listed them if I see them. My interest is only about the MF X-10 driver. If I try to employ the X-10 driver then I would use is very different then Meyer does anyhow. I am a bit concerned about high compression ratio:  4” to 1“exit, about the ferrofluid in the gap, about the plastic phase plug that is not as part of magnetic systems and about a few other things. Still, the proof in the pudding and until I play with the driver it heard to say what it does. I would also predict that if Meyer’s do the MF driver for home use and 3-5W of dissipating powers then they would do many different design decisions then what they did so far in their MF compression driver.

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