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Post Subject: The Meyer X-10 monitor.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/28/2009

I never heard it or about it but here is data:

It looks like it has CB horn and aluminum cone in plastic suspention:

“Meyer developed their own compression driver for the X10 — a custom-built four-inch device with an aluminium alloy diaphragm. One of the innovative aspects of its design is that the diaphragm is supported by a hybrid suspension arrangement which has been designed to remain quiet when it moves, unlike the folded metal suspension designs of most equivalent compression drivers.”

I would hardly call it “innovative aspects” – all best compression drivers do the same stating from end of 30s.

They did the actual time-alignment. Some might call it “innovative” but since I just automatically discard any design that exclude time-alignment  of channels then I see in it a rather a norm then an innovation. The article sate that “there is great debate about the importance of accurate time-alignment” but I see the things differently. There are people who have ears and brain to interpret and understand the audible and there are the rest. It is not a debate about the time-alignment but about the idiocy of perception. I am glad that Meyer in a boat with better people.

The “really nice tactile quality” that you described is very cool it comes from proper integration of TTH characteristic between the drivers – a good sign in my book. It is very much that it worth to find the MF driver that the Meyer X-10 speaker use and give to it an individual try. Who knows it might be a good driver.

The Cat

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