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Post Subject: Still it is mass-resonance not phase.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/20/2009

Unicon, the RESONANCE that you deal while you tightening to loosening screws does not deals with TIME . Perhaps it is the semantics that you feel comfortable but still I would live mass resonance to mass domain and would not confuse it.

The effect of tightening to loosening screws and change resonance is hugely effective in horns. Anyhow who played with compression drivers know that the back plate the presses diaphragm is usually tightened with a number of screw and depends how strong you tighten them the sound will change VERY dramatically. Some people use distortion analyzers to mount   diaphragm properly, some use hearing or Fs measurements. There are some who hear/understand nothing and they juts bolt diaphragms as is. I do think that direct radiator drivers would be way less sensitive to the effect and it would greatly depends from type of the baffle, type of the baffle connection, type of the driver. I personally never experienced what you described. I seen the resonances were changed: somewhere arong the

But I did not see that the tightening to loosening screws would bend the driver on the baffles that it auditably changed the timing alignment. I do not say that it is imposable I just did not experience it.

The Cat

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