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Post Subject: Spent time with screws and the wealth added to audioPosted by unicon on: 10/18/2009
 Paul S wrote:

The frustrating thing for me while messing with the mounting screw tensions was that there was never a universal "best" setting that involved looseness, but it would all change with different sources or at different volume settings, or after moving the speaker around.  These days I have settled for a pretty snug mount on thin-ish cork or thick-ish gasket paper.


thats the first steps of messing with screw ... thats all about Keep tuning the screws and learning the sound coming from NEARFIELD (having your head near the drivers
and hear ). my goal was to listening NEARFIELD and trying to enjoy any music (where the result was none directional & stressed sound plusunifrom sound from all drivers i could settle down for farfield stereo listening and then repeat the procedure when i get tired ). btw in challenge to find the best setting with screws is not to giving up and keep tight to loosing the screws to find exact position.
carefull about ROOM added characteristics to sound thats why i emphasised the NEARFIELD listening.+ due to my experiencemoving the speakers just changes room reaction to sound. for instance from changing the well screw aligned speaker to another room didnt change the adjectives of NEARFIELD listening.

romy :

exact parallel sound from drivers doesnt slove the problem. and due to physics we have limitation of propagating  of HF FQ more than low FQ we always encounter lack of HF whendistance from a source increases but thats  obvious it reaches u the same time Yes but with 20-30 db attenuation. 
idea with physic was to say: our ears just dont care much about lost dbs but way more to TIME AND PHASE of sound

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