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Post Subject: Tightening of screws of tightening of suspensionPosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/17/2009


If I understand you correctly then you proposed that tightening to loosening screws that attach drivers to baffle made a lot of difference in your case.

I never come across to it. Tightening to loosening of screws would affect the resonance of the driver and the driver-enclosure combination.  In case the driver mounted via very think gasket then I pres that pressing the screws  on the driver harder you might angle a cone a bit the would affect the parallelness of the driver’s axis.  I do not know how critical it would be with bass driver however.

So, I do not see it happen, but I admit that I never tried. The exception would be the cases when the drivers are shock-mounted to baffle (I have seen this). In this case the drivers are absolutely mechanically decoupled from enclosure. The drivers in shock-mounted situation do not have screws in normal sense but they rather have tightening bold that position the driver in relation to the mounting suspension. I do not have a lot of experience with this type of enclosure but in there I presume the tightening of suspension would make a lot of difference.

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