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Post Subject: Do not screw with Newton's Laws of Motion :-)Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/11/2009

Reno, I do not think I commented anywhere that Alpha is a copy Electro-Voice horn. David well described in his writing how he ended with Alpha and how the CD ideas were guided him. BTW, you are repeating the David’s faulty (in my view) notion that a wider "sweet spot" has any relations to extended directivity in the horizontal plane.  They are just apples and oranges… even both are fruits…

About you “neither use electronic equalization nor a super bright driver".  Reno, come on, I just call to your common sense. Look, let pretend that we have a horn that is operating wide bandwidth with a driver that was designed to output a flat resonance let say from 500Hz to 15kHz after it was EQ by a conventional exponential horn. Then we takes the same driver and sticks it into the Alpha horn that uses some CD techniques and has wider directivity at HF. The output of any acoustic system comes from dB of driver over the angle of sound dissipation. The narrower angle - the more dB are focused just think about the garden hose knozzle. So, if the Alpha horn use conventional diver and has CD-like reduces directivity then it might be done ONLY by burning the output at HF. You do not need even to read the CD theory – it is just a common sense. If you wish to dig deeper then you might look here:

If the Alfa horns use the CD ideas , has “constant response over the whole frequency range from 30 – 21000 Hz” and use the driver that is flat in exponential horn then it would violate the Newton's Laws of Motion. Where do you get the juice to make HF to shoot wider if your driver was linear?  You shoot wider - you lose efficiency…

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