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Post Subject: “amateur” conductor? Günter WandPosted by Axel on: 10/11/2009
Günter Wand:
born: 1912 in Elberfeld Germany, died 14th Feb. 2002 in Switzerland, age 90.
Was a German orchestra conductor and composer.

KölnerOper 1939
Intermezzo in Salzburg Austria, due to World War II issues
back in Köln in 1945, Generalmusikdirektor at the age of 34

Head of Gürzenich-Orchester see:

Disliked jet-setting, strictly limited guest performances and disliked publicity = ~ outsider to present day music scene

1974 leaving Gürzenich-Orchester working with Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra,
recorded all of Bruckner's and Schubert's symphonies with West Deutsches Rundfunk Orchester WDR since 1977 with sensational success.
1982 chief conductor of NDR Norddeutscher Rundfunk and recorded the complete Brahms and Beethoven symphonies.

In fact one of the most extraordinary conductors of his day.... as Wolf Eberhard von Lewinski once put it.

Approach: straight forward without vanity, in style comparable to Toscanini and Klemperer, adhering strictly to score without loosing sight of what lies behind the notes.
Penetrated deeper meaning, but appealed to the senses and emotions as well.

Hm, I think this hardly qualifies as "amateur" with or without inverted commas...


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