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Post Subject: The Instrument or the Artist?Posted by Paul S on: 10/3/2009
Hmmm...  True, clarinet or violin somehow works better for the lead...  Maybe it depends on who's playing the piano?

I have often thought of "Jewish" music itself as being regionally colored, such as the Czech versus the Polish, vs. the Russian, vs. the Isreali,  etc.

A friend who plays a lot of klezmer music has described a sort of Gypsy quality that makes the music (like most "folk" music) rather a regional affair.

I don't know about "Classical", but:  Regarding the piano, I immediately thought of Vladimir Yampolsky (David Oistrakh's regular accompnist), who seems to be able to come up with a reasonalbly "Jewish" sound via piano (albeit not klezmer).

Maybe Yampolsky does not do it in your mind.  Bit if you agree that he can do it, then it is one example, anyway.

If I come up with other examples, I will post them in this thread.

Best regards,
Paul S

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