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Post Subject: The problem is not THE problem.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/7/2005

Scott, you see, this is the problem. You do not talk about the problems “as is”. All what I was asking was the acknowledgment/recognition/identification without context of loudspeakers. Your listening/assessment awareness is completely grounded to the porpoises and the means of reproduction. The practice of listening the loudspeakers  (or any other element) is the very first thing that should be discarded as with this practice any attempts to build a proper music reproduction system are condemned to fail.

 skushino wrote:
1) Still too bright sound.  Not hard or edgy, just too much top end.  My local guy suggested trying a single resistor in series, rather than an L-pad, to tone down the tweeter.

Forget about the tweeter. You should make the system sound properly without the tweeter. Do not use it until the system sound perfectly acceptable.

 skushino wrote:
2) Mid-band presence ~1k - 1500Hz.  The upper bass mass roll-off is around 850Hz, and the mid driver is x-overed ~2100Hz, so on some music it sounds like some energy (presence) is missing in this range.  Removing the coil from the woofer helps, as it should.  Fixing the S2 and running it down to ~800 should help, too.

You have to clearly undusted that without the actual RTA measurements what you say and what calculations indicate are juts shaking air and have no purpose. Why, when you bring 1/12dB RTA along with a phase tester and run some sweeps you will see why. So, sorry, I will not be commenting on it … and I would suggest do not waste your time and do not even to think about it until you have an objective tools to control what you do.

 skushino wrote:
3) Sub integration.  Still a moving target.  Trying to balance too much overlap between subs and main, and control quality of bass.  I'm seeking toneful, colorful and balanced bass, that sounds big and round, consistent throughout my room

The same as above.

Anyhow, while you are straggling with Bruce foolish advice do not use analyzer “because it creates problems” I would suggest you stop visiting the “full of wisdom internet sites” and go for a rehearsal of your local Chorus Society. You might discover much more about speakers in there then during a conversation with Mike Lavigne-like idiots and perhaps you might develop some vocabulary that your help you to identify for yourself the problems with Sound instand the problems with a playback.

The Cat

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