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Post Subject: Re: The problemsPosted by skushino on: 7/7/2005

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Romy, I'll limit my answer to only speaker-related problems. 

1) Still too bright sound.  Not hard or edgy, just too much top end.  My local guy suggested trying a single resistor in series, rather than an L-pad, to tone down the tweeter.

2) Mid-band presence ~1k - 1500Hz.  The upper bass mass roll-off is around 850Hz, and the mid driver is x-overed ~2100Hz, so on some music it sounds like some energy (presence) is missing in this range.  Removing the coil from the woofer helps, as it should.  Fixing the S2 and running it down to ~800 should help, too.

3) Sub integration.  Still a moving target.  Trying to balance too much overlap between subs and main, and control quality of bass.  I'm seeking toneful, colorful and balanced bass, that sounds big and round, consistent throughout my room.

4) Acoustic space.  Recreating a sense of place and scale for individual instruments and musical notes.  Specifically, layers and layers of depth, and the number and concentration of musicians.  The side to side lateral space is not a big challenge, but getting the other parts right is more interesting.

On the first two, I have some clear ideas to make progress, and am confident that over time they will be solved.  The second two are a bigger challenge for me.  I believe the solution will take much longer (probably months at least), and only become known after much positioning and repositioning of the speakers and sub.

Too bad we aren't neighbors.  I would invite you and your RTA over for some sushi and music.  In the meantime, I'm figuring things out on my own, one day at a time.


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