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Post Subject: Hot rod x-overPosted by skushino on: 7/7/2005

Somehow I massacered the formatting of the last reply. 

The past days I was listening to the speakers in every imaginable configuration.  Sometimes I based my changes on "accepted theory" of crossovers and math, other times I just made changes in component values to gain a feeling of how I can affect the sound.

The version I always came back to, and am listening to now, is bare bones: nothing on the upper bass, 5uf cap on the mid range, 1uf cap on the tweeter, and 4th order low-pass on the sub. 

Yes, it is too bright.  But not unlistenable.  It's kind of like moving up 15 rows at the symphony.  More importantly, there's a "cleanness" to the sound.  It is pure and uncorrupted and more free.  I like it. 

So, the challange seems to be balancing the result, while minimizing the pollution from the components.

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