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Post Subject: Making it sing...Posted by skushino on: 7/7/2005

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I'm optimizing new speakers, but the deep subject matter is a little new to me.  Will this work?

Using a pair of Welborne Labs DRD300B SET amps (tapped 8ohms) with a 3-way passive crossover to integrate these drivers.  Here is the "default" crossover set-up, as supplied by the designer:

-Electro Voice EVM15L woofer, 8ohms, 80Hz horn, 1.5mH coil
-Vitavox S2 midrange, 15ohms, 350Hz horn, 5uf cap, 2.5dB L-pad
-Fane ST5022 bullet tweeter, 8 ohms, 1 uf cap, 2.8dB L-pad
-There is also a subwoofer that rolls in beginning ~70Hz using an active 4th order low-pass filter and 5-6dB bass boost ~30Hz

I want to "optimize" this crossover network to extract the best these drivers have to offer, and remove components where it will do no harm:

- Remove L-pads from mid and tweeter (sounds a little brighter, yet "more pure" and "better" to my ears)
- Remove the 1.5mH coil from the woofer.  Again, sounds clearer w/o the coil to me.  Any adverse impedance matching issues?
- Add a 80Hz 1st order high-pass filter before the amps. The Welbornes have 100k input Z, preamp has 130ohm output Z. Install a .02uf cap at the amp inputs or pre outs.
- Use the S2 lower ~1100Hz replacing 5uf cap with 10uf cap
- Still working with the Fane, but want to experiment with other tweeters like Fostex, Raven or EV T350 (never heard these but interested enough to listen).

Does this sound like a good idea?

Thanks much.

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