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Post Subject: MacondoLite is the new IMAX?Posted by mjloudspeaker on: 8/21/2009
Thank you Romy for saying this very important statement about Macondo topology. I believe that this is very very important and imperative for your numerous readership to "get this." 

I, for one, have no intention whatsoever of copying your efforts, and I still enormously enjoy your site. I like to see what goes on in the "leading edge of audio" because it is on this site, and some others, that audio "things" are explored in much more depth, and for many more very deep and selfish reasons. 

And I absolutely agree with your opinion that in very many senses, your system is not a "winning design", (way too complex, intricate, expensive, and electricity goblbing in this day), but why should it be? It is your design for your interests, and am I to understand they are quite selfish? Well, so are mine, and there can not be a "right and wrong way", because it there was, there would be one system for sale in the world, to meet this "perfect sound".

Quote- "The Macondo System is rather a concept, a winning sequence of conscious ceremonial realizations and actions that lead a person from taking a room and converting it into a sensible and involved medium of musical intercourse.” 

For example, I've heard the great and expensive systems at IMAX theatres both in Sudbury and Montreal (these are Canadian cities) and these very comprehensive audio attempts were atrocious to me, a huge waste of money, for sure. My attempt in my studio (built from 1988 to 1992) made the IMAX cry, I am so much better than those idiots, I know, to get the sound right, whatever that is in my very eccentric mind. So I must endorse, that you tell people, do it your own way, good luck with Macondo cloning, I agree, it cannot be done, too many Romy inseminations in there.

The most serious impasse between topologies of yours/mine is electricity use; makes me have so many of the completely ridiculously inexpensive Class D amps, that simply kick ass. (Here we go, cat fight again?)

I've also read your miny me writings, and could not stop reading and laughing until 4 am. How can I not like what you have tried, and sometimes failed at? No big deal, it is life, and we are lucky to afford to pursue it, for sure. And my new systems are (they have to be) ecologically "reasonable", and yes Romy, electricity must be saved and many other resources, if we can help with it. I know you will tear a strip of my CAnadian Bacon now, but I would expect a cat to expose the claws once in a while, so I am wearing a helmet and protective clothing, go ahead. And if I have to, my mountain bike is close by to escape this cat attack.

The real quest matters in our personal minds and emotions only, and does not need any endorsement, (perhaps from a favorite wife?) and you cannot copy or clone my life audio quest, in any way, shape, form, intent, or purpose. Or sadly, and certainly, Romy's extremely complicated attempts. I had thought most would know that, but j. is just smarter than the rest? Yes, a fact of audio news, it is.

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