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Post Subject: About the Macondo Cloning.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/21/2009
It is very important for the people who consider Macondo cloning is to understand what Macondo is all about. For a superficial or an idiot observer Macondo is the selections of drivers, horns, loading patterns and perhaps amplifiers. In really those selections and most of those decisions are not relay relevant for what Macondo is all about.

If you read careful the Macondo Page at then you read:

“What is also important to mention is that Macondo Acoustic System is not a design that I advocate as a “winning design” (though I do have a lot of convictions about it). The Macondo concept is not the collection of drivers, horns and frames; it is not the specific implementation – you will not be able to see what Macondo System is all about until you understand the correlation between what it meant to do and what it does. The Macondo System is rather a concept, a winning sequence of conscious ceremonial realizations and actions that lead a person from taking a room and converting it into a sensible and involved medium of musical intercourse.”

So, Macondo Cloning is not about building some kind of playback installation that visually of design-wise would mimic what I get but rather embracing PROPER and OBJECTIVE sound assessing techniques and make them a navigation tool  in designing your acoustic system. Some of you (those few who has brain and senses) might be surprised eventually that if you embrace the front-loaded spherical horns topology and if you apply proper, meaningful and objective sound evaluation techniques then you accidently will end up with something that will be VERY similar to what I end up with my Macondo. Unfortunately there are no other ways to render this topology properly. Some of you might feel that I am too self-centric in my topology analyses but understanding will come to you, if you push it hard enough.

So, in the idea of Macondo Cloning there are truly no Cloning aspects. Similarly in the concept of Macondo-Light there is not truly Light ingredient. The proper, meaningful and objective sound evaluation techniques have no stratification for light and heavy and the decisions you will be making are absolutely disassociated from the concepts of “Light” or “Heavy”. Furthermore you do “clone” anything but you design your own speakers, perhaps using some pre-developed paths and pre-investigated patterns. I do the same and it has nothing to do with Cloning,

I have to mention that I have seen some idiots who did just Macondo cloning part, without applying own awareness as they have no personal consciousness.  They snatched my drivers, they read 3432 times each post at this site and they put the channels in the arrangement that they understand as Macondo-like.  In reality they are no different than monkey waving its hands. A monkey waves it hands because it is trying to hit bananas from trees but some idiots see in those hands waving an orchestra conducting.  It is no surprise that two cloning attempts that I know ended up with garbage results –any techniques in the hands of barbarian will lead and have led to barbarian results.

The caT.

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