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Post Subject: Thought process in selecting horns, drivers and synergy among all...Posted by scooter on: 8/19/2009
 ayebee wrote:

Present system consists of:
140Hz (3" throat) horn with Fane Sovereign 6" driver (120-700Hz)
250Hz horn with JBL 2440 driver (700Hz-2kHz)
600Hz horn with JBL 2420 driver (2-12kHz)

Bass is one Scan-Speak 8555 8-incher per channel in closed boxes. Quite insufficient.

I have a pair of EV 350's which aren't yet in use.

The motor of the Fane driver is too weak, and crossover is far from finished. The sound is showing a lot of promise, though. affiliations with Stereo Lab, of course.



This is an interesting post. Could you speak a bit about your thought process with respect your choice of horns and drivers?

Also, it would be interesting to hear about your progress on crossovers to date, especially relating to your initial strategy and what has not worked according to plan and what are your next steps.



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