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Post Subject: Stereo Lab's "Ultra-fi" hornsPosted by ayebee on: 8/19/2009

The horns that Stereo Lab make are very good, especially considering the relatively modest prices. I bought the "Ultra-Fi" version of the 140Hz horns and they are of course not completely free of resonance - JLH's and Romy's massive horns are certainly in another league, I assume - but for the price they certainly are very good.

Present system consists of:
140Hz (3" throat) horn with Fane Sovereign 6" driver (120-700Hz)
250Hz horn with JBL 2440 driver (700Hz-2kHz)
600Hz horn with JBL 2420 driver (2-12kHz)

Bass is one Scan-Speak 8555 8-incher per channel in closed boxes. Quite insufficient.

I have a pair of EV 350's which aren't yet in use.

The motor of the Fane driver is too weak, and crossover is far from finished. The sound is showing a lot of promise, though. affiliations with Stereo Lab, of course.


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