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Post Subject: Damping Stereo Lab 140 Hz Horn with money, "your version is fine to me".Posted by mjloudspeaker on: 8/18/2009


The stereo lab store prices seem very reasonable, considering the cost and work of molds making, shipping is something else altogether, another factor yet, but my question always comes back to the tractrix curve, there is always a loss at the bottom, and I will stay tuned and read up on what you can extend your driver down to, without getting into "muffling the horn with chocking sound- quote copyright romy the cat". 

Have you loaded up the True RTA Real Time Audio Spectrum Analyzer by John L. Murphy?

I am very curious about your findings regarding the 140 Hz spec. Because I am looking at all options for the community m4 driver, before commencing this trip, and tractrix is supposedly the "best curve", but my, my, it is quite large for this guy's smaller room. Upright horn seems right, it seems. Time alignment nightmare this upright may be, I think.

Try it decoup, the RTA, even the free version is very easy to use, and your ears can tell you plenty, a microphone response curve can follow later. The only thing, be aware of room modes, they might surprise you, and do not blame the beautiful horn prematurely, move them around on the ingenious rack.

Continue your fine work, I am a fan already.

RTA at 


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