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Post Subject: What a lying loserPosted by mumford on: 8/17/2009
 LossTangentZero wrote:
  FoxNews is just a biased as CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, or any other “news” of choice because they are produced by inherently biased individuals.

Now that is a lie.  FauxNews is not even news, nothing but propaganda catered to their hate-filled audience.  To say that they are as "biased" as CNN or BBC is a lie.

1.    How many cats do you live with? 

2.    How is your income derived?

3.    Are you able to review and understand your postings from the past?

4.     Are you generally happy?

Typical FauxNews and Republican tactic -- bring up irrelevant points to attack the messenger instead of the message.

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