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Post Subject: Excessive Negative FeedbackPosted by LossTangentZero on: 8/17/2009


Please accept my apologies for my first posting on your website.  I had only perused a couple pages and may have come to an incorrect conclusion.  While it is human nature to lock onto an idea and dogmatically pursue it, those in touch with reality will continually question their senses and attempt to critically evaluate external inputs with the understanding that we as humans are biased and prone to enveloping ourselves with a cocoon of incorrect but comforting paradigms.  I did not mean to state that FoxNews is the “truth” but was trying to imply that those who believe the channel is all lies are blinded by their as yet unrealized internal biases.   FoxNews is just a biased as CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, or any other “news” of choice because they are produced by inherently biased individuals.  Those who filter their information inputs into prima facie “lies” and “truths” are not in touch with reality.  Only by absorbing all of the available sources of information with a skeptical analysis can one hope to arrive at some temporary “truth”.

We must accept that the human body is equipped with very poor measurement instruments in the form of eyes and ears, etc.  Fortunately, the human brain is exceptionally powerful in compensating for this poor signal quality.  If you doubt this, please let me know and I can provide you with some experiments to prove how your brain fills in the missing information and vainly attempts to correct for errors in measurement (negative feedback if you prefer).  The downside is that this correction process is so automatic that we grow to ignore it and some would even deny it exists.  As our measurement instruments age or we suffer from mental illnesses the brain must apply even more corrections and the overworked brain is further stressed.  In order to maintain the self esteem required to prevent breakdown the conscious mind often compensates for incorrect information by externalizing the sources of the errors.  In other words blaming the world for ones ever increasing biological shortcomings, inflating the ego, and convincing oneself that the rest of the world is wrong, deaf, stupid, or whatever.

Subsequent to my initial posting I have spent a couple of hours reviewing a small fraction of your nearly 5,000 posts.  I am sincerely concerned about your state of mental health and hope that you take some time to consider that you may be in need of a slight “tune up” and ask yourself some of the following questions.  Please, there is no need to reply as they are for your benefit only and not meant as an attack or to initiate an argument.

1.    How many cats do you live with?  Have you ever had complaints from neighbors about your animals?  If you have more than 3 cats you may have animal hoarding tendencies.  If you are not familiar with this condition please do some research on the subject and consider that you may suffer from the syndrome.

2.    How is your income derived?  You stated that you were a software engineer, but your website is so large I question whether you have the time to hold a professional job while maintaining a normal social life, allowing time for physical exercise, etc.  Have you ever had your employment terminated despite your protestations that you were a superior employee?   Since you clearly have the funds to pursue the audio hobby I’m wondering if you are living off an inheritance or other funds while living a reclusive life in isolation of healthy human interactions and relationships.

3.    Are you able to review and understand your postings from the past?  You demonstrate an extensive body of knowledge regarding many aspects of music.  However, frequently paragraphs within your postings are incompressible despite repeated readings.  Some of this may be due to careless spelling and diction or English being your second language, but so much of it seems to be nonsense to those outside your world.  While you are demonstrably convinced of your infallible expertise, the truth is your statements often contradict the accepted and undeniable body of knowledge of physics, acoustics, electromagnetic and acoustic wave propagation, signal theory, and electronic signal reproduction.

4.     Are you generally happy?  Do you have hourly or daily mood swings?  I congratulate you on a very comprehensive website presumably dedicated to the enjoyment of music reproduction.  Unfortunately, most of your postings are full of virulent attacks on outsiders and attempts to prove your own omniscience.  A healthy mind cannot be so obsessed with proving oneself as the holder of all truths while blaming and lamenting the exterior world for being so inferior.  If music makes you happy, why are you so full of anger and resentment?

Again, I apologize for my earlier posting as it was an attack and I was wrong to send it without taking the time to better understand your situation.  I’m sure most of us in the outside world appreciate your monumental efforts in creating such an admirable tome.  I only wish it were more constructive and conveyed the joy of music instead of the wasted attempts of an obsessive compulsive to prove his superiority.

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