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Post Subject: Where to start: Vitavox S2 upper rangePosted by Romy the Cat on: 8/15/2009
 decoud wrote:
The tweeter I thought could go below the MF.

Not going to work properly. The EV T350 is 120 by 60 degree tweeter met to work in vertical configuration. If I were you I would lower you MF until it edge along with upperbass and put the tweeter atop of MF, letting it to breathe
 decoud wrote:
S2 diaphragm is metal surround.

This might be a subject of a major consideration. The 400Hz horn is in my view is a good solution for plastics suspended S2 as with 3uF cap you have the S2 secondary resonance in the band-pass it is work very good from 1000Hz and up. The diaphragm with metal surround has useable 2dB more and more or less flat down to 500Hz. However, you will not able to use it down to 500Hz as you have too small horn. If I use metal surround cone then I would go for 300Hz horn as it will be deeper, take advantage of the S2 lower range and by the virtue of being deeper it would do a minor low-passing of s2. With metal surround S2 you need to watch granularity of the S2 upper range as it has a tendency to be a bit “dirty staccato”. Connect the S2 with let say 15uF cap that will give you approximately 1K crossover point with metal surround and spend a few days listing the driver as it. Clean the driver and center it, play with loading of your amp - you shall find a configuration where you S2’s upper range in your 400Hz horn will be clean. It might have VERY MINOR grains but not annoying and very minor. Do not forget that the caps that you will be using for S2 high-passing will need a week or so to be able to clear up the S2 upper range. Until you confirm for yourself that you are satisfy with upper-region of your MF driver with metal surround I would ad do not think about crossovering too much.

So, do not use upperbass and do not use tweeter for now. If you wish you might use upperbass wide open for now. The sound of the S2 upper range, let say above 5K shall be the prime attention. One more thing. If for whatever reason you like or do not like S2 upper range as you have now then try to describe and post what you like or do not like as wordy and as detailed as you can. It is VERY important as it would suggest HOW to deal with it if you do not like it.

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