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Post Subject: Midbass hors vs. flooding subwoofers - very different game.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/27/2009

 jessie.dazzle wrote:
I would think they might also compete with the mid-bass horns. The Auras can run up to 80, maybe 90Hz (you're probably going to say "60Hz max!!!"); would you really need to use the line arrays in the presence of a pair of mid-bass horns capable of a clean, honest 90Hz?

I do not know, this is extremely hard to say what it might be. If I have my let say 45Hz horn then I envision that the LF channel (regardless what it might be: Auras or the Arrays) would be a low-passes at 25-40Hz. With the lowest octave everything is complicated, it is practically worthless to measure the things, and I do not think that any generic rules might be made. Generally the way how I approach it the sound shall be made for a full range, including the midbass horns. Then the individual LF sections needed be introduced… unit they start to take over the midbass hors’ lower knee.  Unfortunately in reality the room modes from LF section begin to talk with output from midbass horn via room and it become mess, manageable mess but manageable only with practical actions rather than applications of theory.

I do not have a lot of practical experience to load relatively large rooms with midbass horns. But do not think that people who claim that they do have practical experience act consciously. In very many cases people dump the midbass “as is” in rooms, get whether they get and call it “right”.  There are very few people, if any, who intentionally and creatively WORK with their midbass/lowbass in order to get the right sound. Of course I do not call the room EQ with a digital room correction devise as “working”… I for instance no where besides what you Jessie is trying to do I see anybody use an open-bottom LF section as a lover extension of closed-bottom midbass hors. Not to mention that I did not see a lot of interesting or properly made/used midbass hors out there… People mostly use midbass horns as flooding subwoofers and it is a totally different game…

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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