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Post Subject: Of An Ilk?Posted by Paul S on: 7/14/2009
As far as I know the Schroder arms do not generate electricity like that.  But they do use magnets for one end of their suspension and they are said to generate what Herr Schroder refers to as (quasi-electro-mechanical?) magnetic "eddy currents", which are said to generate forces contra to the activating forces.

It may not be obvious to Schroder's shoppers at first, but perhaps it is no surprise that the most effective magnets are more expensive, not only because they are more powerful but also because they are specially ground to maintain equinamity when tracking warps, etc.  The sub-optimal models have effects - including VTF - that vary when tracking warps.

The best fluid damping is designed per arm, with effects that vary according to the particular arm's resonance.  Also, one should be able to tune it, per cartridge.  Among other things, it should discriminate between LF resonance and warp and wow, adequately damping the former and only stopping inertia with the latter two conditions.

Is it ironic that Romy's feedback scheme looks like a sort of uber-cartridge?

Paul s

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