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Post Subject: L1 vs. L2 - something was wrong...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/26/2005


something was wrong with your playback of with your expectations. If you did try the L2 then it should be sufficient enough to realize what those preamps can do. Anyhow, there are not needs at this point to replace any tubes in L1. Since it will be a used unit then juts replace the regulator tube and you should be fine.

 Ethannnn wrote:
I tried the L2 and didn’t think it was nearly as veiled as you describe, clearly everything is relative.

It has nothing to do with relativity but rather with the capacity and dements of playback system where the L2 was used. The problems with L2  that I mentioned will take place only when L2 will be a critical element of your playback chain.  Drive your over 50Kohm amp directly from a sub-100ohm source and then peace the L2 into the game. If you do not get a certain nastinisation” of sound then L2 was not the worst element of your playback chain. If so, then disregard what I said as you need to work on something else. If the rest of your systems is fine then when you inject the L2 along with the worsening of sound (primary audio-wise) you will have some benefits from L2 constitution. Thos benefits are the manifestations of the X-factor. If you do not get any benefits form L2 then your playback juts too dreadful and the L2 was comity masked outs or you had a defective unit or you have to work with yourself to self-educate yourself how to listen.

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