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Post Subject: Macondo and MiniMePosted by Romy the Cat on: 6/16/2009

I intentionally do not play MiniMe for visitors but not because I not willing to divulge the Doliath’s David status.  I know what attracted you in MiniMe and I do agree that for whatever it is the MiniMe an interesting speaker. Well I like it and this is why I stopped where it is after the multiple versions. Still, MiniMe plays a Special Olympics and starting from a certain level of objectives the MiniMe is stop to be serious. In part your love to MiniMe was due to alleged intelligence of …me, who played on MiniMe the only simplistic material that might be played on MiniMe and did not play anything the would be outside of the MiniMe’s capacity. In the end, even in context of simple music and with all your excitement about MiniMe I disagree that MiniMe is properly sounding speaker.

Saying all of it I admit that MiniMe does some attributes that I find interesting and that in a way push some extra demands for Macondo. In the thread “Exceptional loudspeakers drivers “I wrote the following:

“…in fact there is something insanely beautiful in this tweeter and from a certain perspective (narrow-certain) I like it even more then the HF of my Macondo.”

Does the MiniMe’s HF  more proper then Macondo? Absolutely not. Does MiniMe’s HF have “something” that I would like Macondo to learn? I would say that yes, to a degree, and for a last two weeks I slowly looking into it. Something I have discovered and accomplished.

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