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Post Subject: Macondo listening experiencePosted by montepilot on: 6/16/2009

Recently I had my second extended visit to hear Macondo system.  I decided to post my listening impressions because this is one of the two best in home installations I have ever heard.  The pictures you have seen of the Macondo system look quite freakish.  When sitting in front of them they are large imposing figures that look like a museum display of an ancient attempt to recreate sound.

I cannot liken the sound to any other speaker I have heard.  You not only hear the music but feel it viscerally.  My sensory perception somehow feels heightened while listening. The first impression is one of extreme clarity.  There is no veil over the music at all.  Also there appears to be nothing that holds the music back as if it must break through some barrier to be heard.  This is especially evident when listening to very soft musical passages.  You don't feel the need to increase the volume.  The delicacy is there but with all fullness. When the program calls for it bass notes can be shocking!!!  These results apply to all genre's music.  We have listened to classical, jazz, blues, Russian balakika and a wild Jimi Hendrix attempt by a classical guy playing cello to out do Hendrix. Stunning.

If you have not "gotten it" yet fm live broadcast are the bomb!  Macondo playing live broadcast is the creme de la creme of in home listening.  This is addictive.

What are the downsides of Macondo?  For me the downside is I don't like listening to my home system very much anymore. Actually I mostly listen to table radio now.  The Macondo experience is burned into my brain and I keep hearing the shortcomings at home.  I hope I can get over this.

When I have more time I will post my impressions of the mini me system that sits side by side with Macondo.  For now I will say that with all Macondo's virtues, mini me may be the David that slays the giant goliath!

Stay tuned.



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