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Post Subject: How to manage the digital files.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/7/2009
OK, folks, here are the subject that bothers me for years and if you have not an opinion but knowledge about the subject then, please, share your view and experience. My interest is: how to slice and merge digital files.

I have a large file, let say 2G-3G and I need to slice it on a few individual files. How to do it, inflicting absolute less damage of no damage to the sound quality?  Alternatively I have 2 fails and I would like to glue them together. How to do this, inflicting no damage to the sound quality? The tasks are the same and of course during the gluing or cutting there is not objective to change neither the bits resolution, nor the sampling rate, not file type.

What I do for years is opening the files in file editors, like WaveLab, generating the graphical representation of the files and then copy/cut and paste the images of the files, resaving the files after that. I presume that the editors do not “grab” the images but rather the pointers in the file itself and copy/cut the stream. I do not know if it is correct and I do not know what is going on under the hood of the editors.

Dose the raw wav files sound absolutely identical to the same file copied and paste?  I challenge this assumption as I feel that the pasted file sound not as good. Is it the problem with my file types, with my editor, with the way in which my software save the files of with the whole notion of graphical files management? I have no answers and I look forward to be educated. What I know certainly that any activation of DSP possessing means instant death to files. Does saving of file use silent DSP or some kind of silent rendering? Are any configuration are favoriteable for graphical files management?

My feeling is that if I have, let say 100Meg raw WAV file and I open it up, truncated a few second of it and save it then I do loose something in the quality of Sound. Is it my paranoia or there is a rational behind it.

The Cat

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